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Book Closure
A Company closes it books of accounts for updating the records to facilitate the payment of dividend or right issue or bonus issue. During this period, process is done and deliveries not effected in the clearinghouse. Click on company name to get the company profile page.
Company Name Start Date End Date Purpose
ASIAN PAINTS 15-Jun-19 27-Jun-19 Rs.7.6500 per share(765%)Final Dividend& A.G.M.
KANSAI NERO 15-Jun-19 21-Jun-19 Rs.2.6000 per share(260%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
VISHNU CHEM 15-Jun-19 27-Jun-19 Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend& A.G.M. Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend& A.G.M. (Revised) (As per BSE Bulletin dated on 04/06/2019)
15-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 A and M Jumbo Bags Limited has informed the Exchange that the Company has fixed Book Closure from June 15, 2019 to June 20, 2019 for the purpose of AGM
PAZEL 14-Jun-19 21-Jun-19 Please find attached herewith outcome of Board Meeting held on May 10, 2019.
SURAJ LTD 14-Jun-19 27-Jun-19 Annual General Meeting
INDIAN HOTEL 14-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 Rs.0.5000 per share(50%)Dividend & A.G.M.
APTANN 13-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 Annual General Meeting
TATA POWER 07-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 Rs.1.3000 per share(130%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.