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Split of Face Value
List of stocks that come out with stock split along with BSE & NSE Date, Face value before and after split. Click on any company name to get the company’s profile page.
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Company BSE Date NSE Date FV Before FV After
20 Microns 28-Jan-13 28-Jan-13 10 5
3P Land Hold. 11-Mar-08 11-Mar-08 10 2
8K Miles 10-Oct-16 10-Oct-16 10 5
A B B 28-Jun-07 28-Jun-07 10 2
A Infrastructure 20-Apr-18 NA 10 5
Aadhaar Ventures 11-Apr-05 NA 10 1
Aadhaar Ventures 02-Mar-17 NA 1 10
Aarti Inds. 13-Jan-06 13-Jan-06 10 5
Aarya Global 23-Sep-10 NA 10 1
Aarya Global 19-Mar-14 NA 1 10